Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business


​​​​​From 1830 to 1962

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) were created in Algeria in the aftermath of colonization.

Led mainly by settlers, they served the interests of the French metropolis.

Over the years, they have formed significant assets

  • Port and airport zones dealership (the extension of the port of Algiers was carried out by the CCI of Algiers.), Exhibition areas and transit stores spaces;
  • Owners of movable and immovable property (Palais Consulaire, Algiers Stock Exchange, banks and insurance  headquarters);
  • Training structures owners: Schools  of Business, model making, refrigeration ...;
  • Owners of securities (shareholder in several companies including Air France).

Furthermore, the CCI were vested with public missions (trade register management, label issuance ...).


From 1962 to 1976

The economic and political choices have led to a gradual offloading of CCIs missions and property in favour of State new institutions (Comex Ofalac, Sonatmag, ONP, ENIC ...)


For example, Algiers International Trade Fair was built in 1964 by the CCI of Algiers on a concession areas on which was erected Onafex (today Safex)


By the early 1970s, the CCI found themselves confined in a market information disseminating and training role (shorthand typist, sewing, hairdressing, accounting ...) and until the dissolution of their major part in 1976.


Year of creation of Wilaya Chambers of Commerce (CCW) and the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) under the form of an EPA.

  • Created as part of the integration process of the private sector in the  national economic development
  • Entirely funded by the state budget
  • Managed by a Director-General, appointed by decree for the CNC and a Secretary General, appointed by decree for the CCW
  • Provided with Advisory Boards, chaired by the DG for the CNC and the SG for CCW

(Decrees 80-46 and 84-47 of 23 February 1980)


Transformation of CCW and CNC into Public Industrial and Commercial Institutions (EPIC) as part of economic reforms by the country aiming at further involving the private sector in the national economy

The main changes to the Chambers Status operated in 1987 are introduced by Decree 87-171 of 1 August 1987:

  • Involvement of businesses in activities
  • adopting the principle of voluntary adhesion of companies;
  • Payment of contributions by members
  • Structuring of operators into specialized sections by professional activities 

Establishing an Executive Board open to business leaders representatives (87-171 Decree of 1 August 1987).


A new organization system of Chambers: initiating the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI):

  • Change of CCW name into CCI and CNC into CACI;
  • Moving from the authority of the Wali to the Trade Minister for CCIs
  • Recognition of traditional consular missions
  • Automatic membership to CCIs of operators holding the trade register
  • Establishing a pyramidal representation with fewer CCIs ( moving from 48 CCW to 20 CCI);
  • Establishing new bodies: General Assembly (AG), Board and Technical Committees;
  • Joint funding (own resources, parafiscal levies, subsidies and contributions).



  • Adjustment in certain provisions of the 1996 statutes in the wake of constraints in its implementation in particular:
  • The conditions for eligibility of CACI presidents and vice-presidents
  • The term of office of the President of the CCI
  • Extension of CACI powers in terms of training (Launch of academic degree programs: promulgation of interministerial decree) 


CACI bodies improvement in the wake of the gradual transition from 20 to 48 CCI, to meet the operators’ needs and concerns, particularly in terms of proximity to their chamber