Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Activities of administrative structures


The Director General is responsible for leading and managing the administrative services of the CACI. He is appointed by executive decree on a proposal by the Minister of Trade.



Activities of the Department of International Relations (DCIP)

In terms of non-oil exports promotion

  • Directory of Algerian exporters in CD-ROM form
  • Dissemination of information towards exporters
  • Establishing an information system on foreign markets (Salimex)

In terms of institutional relations

The DRI is responsible for managing several agreements with International counterparts or similar foreign organizations regarding the constitution of businessmen councils and Mixed Chambers (Tunisia, Libya, Morocco)

In terms of business documents certification

The DRI provides visa and certification of documents submitted by economic operators mainly in the context of their international relations.


In terms of organizing Algerian-Foreign business meetings (Forums).

Dissemination of information related to global trade


Organizing seminars

  • Organizing popularization and study days  information,;
  • Organizing reflection meetings on drafts of regulatory and legislative texts.

Action training

  • Organizing action-training to improve the management skills of entrepreneurs

Animating fairs and exhibitions.

  • ​​Algerian production fairs
  • specialized exhibitions
  • The National Exhibition of Reverse Subcontracting (SANIST)



Activities of Information Systems and Digitalization Department ​ (DSNI)

Operation & Maintenance of ICT infrastructure dedicated to CACI and CCIs economic information system and intranet.

  • Database hosting and management applications of collaborative information services (co-produced with CCI)
  • Internet Services.
  • Development and deployment of database management tools.
  • Online edition of CACI's institutional website (Algerian Chambers of Commerce and   Industry portal), El Mouchir business directory , CACI's institutional newsletter  and the economic directory of wilayas;
  • networking  of the consular offer regarding the information services ;
  • ​Providing software and technical means for information gathering, processing and dissemination.


​The sub-Department of Publications and Documentation is responsible for collecting and disseminating information relevant to businesses.

DPD responsible for: 

  • Managing the Library
  • managing and organizing  a documentary collection of over 9,000 books;
    • Media room: the media room services develop documentary files for Algerian businessmen delegations travelling abroad and to participants in business relationship meetings in Algeria.
    • Production of a database listing legislation and regulation texts governing investment and the creation of activities in Algeria;
    • hosting the Public Information Center (ICC) of the World Bank, as part of a partnership between CACI and the World Bank to facilitate  access to the Bank World information related to studies and activities                In this context CACI is the depository of the World Bank publications and is consistently receiving copies of all documents produced by this institution.
    • Managing the commercial library: space dedicated to the marketing of publications produced by CACI, business documents (certificate of origin, ATA carnet ...) and documents published by third parties 

SDPD is also in charge of publications and archives

  • Edition of periodicals:
  • Publication of The MUTATIONS Journal : review of studies and analysis
  • Publication of The LICCAL Newsletter , a monthly journal containing information on the activities of CACI and the sector's economic news;
  • Online edition of The Business Exchange (BDA): newsletter establishing Business ties, containing partnership and commercial offers;
  • Non-periodical publications: CACI develops during the year :  directories, guides, catalogues and collections of texts pertaining to themes related to the needs of economic operators and economic situation;
  • Archives: organizing and managing archives produced by the institution


​​Activities of the training department (DF)

DF is in charge of

  • ​To follow and control the activity of the training given by ACCI.
  • To engage every action lead to the development of the training granted by ACCI.
  • To issue the annual or annuals training card of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce         and Industry in order to grant the follow-up, the control, and the execution.
  • To watch-over the improvement of training syllabus program.
  • To set up and promote relationship of partnership in the training field with the national or international skilled organisms and institutions and organizations.      

 DF Data medium

​Activities of the Finance and Administration Department (DAF)

DAF in charge of:

  • developing annual budget projections
  • implementing the execution of the equipment and operating budget of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Organizing the recovery  of contributions and receivable
  • managing different accounting accounts opened in accordance with existing regulations
  • establishing the year-end accounts, and the tax and accounting balance sheets of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • ensuring regular monitoring of financial resources, by their nature, of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Managing all CACI's material resources  and ensuring compliance with the relevant rules of health and maintenance;
  • ensuring the maintenance, preservation and protection of movable and immovable property of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • performing acquisition of supplies, property and equipment;
  • ensuring the maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment, materials and vehicles of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • ensuring the implementation of careers management and monitoring procedures of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry staff;
  • ensuring compliance by the staff of the Internal Rules of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and ensuring the implementation of the general discipline regulations;
  • ensuring the implementation and monitoring of advisory bodies in the management of staff;
  • promoting and developing any training and development of staff ;
  • Identifying in connection with the structures, training needs quantitatively and qualitatively;
  • developing annual and / or multi-year plans of staff training and development
  • monitoring the progress of staff training, further training and retraining
  • monitoring the litigation and justice cases regarding the institution;

Activities of the Department of Economic Research and Legal Affairs (DEEAJ)

The Department of Economic Research and Legal Affairs is in charge of

  • ensuring the technical secretariat of technical commissions
  • supervising the rapporteurs of technical commissions
  • gathering and processing information and basic data required for the work, studies and reflections carried out by the technical commissions;
  • providing expertise to the work of the functional commissions;
  • gathering and processing information on the different activity branches of the national economy;
  • conducting studies on different sectors of economic activity including their markets, their performance and development prospects;
  • providing the secretariat and monitoring the proceedings of mediation and arbitration ; 

La DEEAJ also manages CACI's Center for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, the missions of which are as follows:

  • receive mediation or arbitration requests;
  • verify the items of incoming files;
  • monitoring the drafting of cases;
  • setting the minutes and recording documents and reports.

Participation to activities of other national bodies and institutions
CACI takes part in boards and similar bodies of numerous institutions and national bodies of which it is a statutory member.
The activity of these bodies and institutions directly or indirectly concerns the companies and requires CACI's advice and recommendations.
The appointment of CACI's elected or permanent representatives, is done according to the nature of work and the needs of bodies and institutions.
These include Boards, committees, and commissions in various government bodies.
Activities of administrative structures of CCIs
The management and direction of the administrative services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) are performed by a director appointed by a decree of the Minister of Trade
The sample organizational chart of the chambers of commerce and industry is set by order of the Minister of Trade.
On the basis of the sample organizational chart, each chamber develops a specific organizational chart adapted to its peculiarities that is approved by decision of the Minister of Trade.