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Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Public procurement regulations

​​​​​The public procurement regulations (PPR) intends to set the procedures governing the works, supplies, services and studies contracts, the realization of which is wholly or partly financed, on a temporary or permanent assistance of the State.

The public procurement regulations are exclusively applicable to contracts, subject of government expenditures  autonomous national institutions, wilayas  municipalities public administrative bodies  research and development centres, scientific and technological public specific institutions, scientific cultural and professional public institutions, industrial and commercial public institutions and public economic enterprises.

In cases where these economic public enterprises and public institutions finance their procurement from their own funds, they have to adjust their own procurement procedures (PPR).

Access to public procurement regulations are of major economic importance for businesses.

The purpose of this section is to enable you to view, as such, the major texts on public procurement regulations in Algeria.