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Prior authorization for the import of products presenting a particular risk

​​ Authorization submission

According to Executive Decree No. 97-254 on 3 Rabie El Aouel 1418 Corresponding to 8 July 1997 on prior authorizations to manufacturing and importing of toxic products or particular risk, prior authorization to importation shall be submitted to any control, otherwise, the manufacturer may be subject to administrative sanctions, without prejudice to the legal proceedings prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.

The products referred to (consumer products of a toxic nature or presenting a particular risk) are allowed in the country only after submission of prior authorization for importation to the Authority in charge of Quality Control and Punishment of Fraud at the borders.


Who issues the authorization?

Prior authorization is issued by the Minister in charge of quality on the advice the Scientific and Technical Orientation Board (COST) of the Algerian Center ​of Quality Control and Packaging. When one of the elements for which the prior authorization was issued is faulty, it is removed.


Dossier to be provided

The prior authorization request must be accompanied by a file containing the following documents:
  • A certified copy of the Excerpt from the trade and company register
  • Nature and physical and chemical specifications of components used in the manufacturing of the concerned product
  • The results of analyses carried out as part of the control under the law n° 89-02 on the general rules of consumer protection
  • Protection measures taken under product packaging and labelling;
  • Precautions to be taken under the release for consumption of the concerned product, particularly their prohibited uses.
  • Prior authorization or declaration on installations classified under Decree No. 88-149 on 26 July 1988.


Submission of the dossier

The dossier is to be submitted to the Wilaya Trade Directorate 
The transmission of the file by post must be by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.
If the dossier is directly submitted, a receipt is issued to the applicant.
The deposit receipt or acknowledgment of receipt cannot under any circumstances be used as a provisional prior authorization.



The intervening party is notified, within forty-five days of the request for prior authorization date of receipt, by the Minister in charge of quality, as the case may be:

  • The prior authorization decision of manufacturing and / or import, the decision for refusal of the prior authorization to manufacture and / or import, duly motivated
  • The period of forty-five (45) days may be extended for another period not exceeding fifteen (15) days.


Withdrawal of authorization

Prior authorization to manufacture and / or import is withdrawn after a written notice sent by the territorially competent Price and Competition Directorate services to the authorization holder, inviting him to conform to current legislation and regulations, within a period of one (01) months from the date of notification.



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