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Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Information on foreign markets SALIMEX

The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is planning to launch a platform of information services about foreign markets called SALIMEX, based on ICT and economic services of Algerian embassies abroad.

SALIMEX aims to offer the different users, mainly Algerian exporters relevant market information from certain countries in order to enable them to have useful and necessary information to enter and access these markets.

Also, SALIMEX seek to provide the Algerian institutions and organisations that support non-hydrocarbon export all the necessary information son Algeria’s commercial and economic bilateral relations.

SALIMEX is intended to be an accompaniment andsupportive system for the Algerian exporters in their investigation, identification and information approaches on the markets of foreign countries.

Nowadays, Algerian exporters and other users are turning to foreign websites (governmental websites most of the time) to look for answers to their concerns and expectations. Certainly, these websites answer their questions but in an incomplete way, when the questions are related to bilateral relations between Algeria and foreign countries, they are not supported by these websites.

The purpose of SALIMEX is to improve the information services provided by the Algerian exporters accompaniment and supportive system on foreign markets through the launch of an information system and a marketing intelligence on these markets with the participation of economic services of our diplomatic representations abroad and based on the use of information and communication technologies and the establishment of an informative monitoring system.

SALIMEX is designed to be an internal communication network linking the economic services of embassies abroad with a server operated by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry services, so those economic services work to collect information about countries respective a predefined basis, and after the validation those data’s will be updated on the network server according to the procedures.

The services of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry operating on the system  "Salimex",  receive data’s and analyze them before validate and post those informations as a last step on the website.

Viewing and browse informations by users are for free, except some services reserved to the category of Algerian exporters registered in the system.

It is also expected to diffuse informations by selective processes for the benefit of the registered users in the network.