Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Scale-up training

In order to ensure continuous assistance and support to companies, CACI offers them a yearly on-the-job programme adapted to their needs.

To animate its training, CACI carefully selects its trainers in order to get the best leading consultants with extensive professional experience, provided with modern technological tools, enabling them to deal effectively with internal and external issues related to their field and linked to the Algerian company and its environment.

Each training session includes:

  • Theoretical contributions illustrated with examples in the context of the theme
  • Collective tutorials covering a thematic part
  • Joint definitions of individual application work to be done by the learner,
  • Complementary theoretical adjustments and contributions based on the results of personal work

The whole of directed exercises will lead to the completing of the project or solving difficulties including the implementation of all the themes addressed in the training

Running of scale-up Training programmes:

Training sessions take place in the form of 2 to 3 days seminars / workshops, according to the yearly program developed by the Company Animation and Development Department.

These sessions are composed of a limited number of participants (not to exceed 15 people) to ensure the smooth running of case-oriented tasks

Once the training is launched, ACCI disseminates information, through various communication tools, among the economic operators concerned by the appropriate theme.

Applications for participant registration are received, via email or fax, by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Upon acceptance, a confirmation of participation is sent back to the company.

At the end of the training, certificates of participation, delivered by CACI, are provided to participants.



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