Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Invoices visa, certificates

CACI can sign documents used internationally and submitted by operators (invoices, commercial contracts, trade register, invitation for entry visa to Algeria, etc ......)


Document visa fees for each signed copy are shown in the table below, and as of July 7, 2007. To these amounts, it is appropriate to add stamp duty if payment is made in cash.



DescriptionCCI MemberNon Member
Certificate of origin (for any country)DZD 500 DZD 500
Various trade documents (trade register, invoice, report, technical specifications, etc ...)DZD 1,500DZD 4,000
Invitations for entry visa to AlgeriaDZD 1,500DZD 5,000
Issuing of various certificates or statements on CACI letterhead DZD 2,500 DZD 5,000

The operator is requested to prove his membership at a CCI and having paid his subscription (presentation of a copy of their membership card or payment of contributions statement ...).

Note that the services of the CACI keep a record of every signed document. (The operator is invited to submit a copy of each document to be signed).



Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Departement of.International Relations (DRI)