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Certificate Origin Visa

​​Certificate of origin issuance
The certificate of origin is a trade document that may be requested by the customer to justify the origin of the goods and get tariff advantages.

There are seven (07) types of certificates of origin:

  • EUR 1 movement certificate of goods ( see specimen)
    This only concerns the member states of the European Union, and serves as a certificate of origin. It has been established at the implementation of the Association Agreement between Algeria and the European Union entered into force on 01/09/2005. It should be noted that only the Algerian customs services are authorized endorse it.
  • Certificate of Origin in compliance with the Generalized System of Preferences -Form A- ( see specimen)It concerns all countries that offer tariff benefits under the GSP.
    • Certificate of origin of the Great Arab Free Trade Area ( see specimen)
      It concerns all members of the Arab League with the exception of the Republic of Djibouti, the Democratic Republic of Somalia and the Comoros Islands. Mauritania has put its participation on hold  in the GAFTA convention.
    • Certificate of movement of goods under the Tunisian-Algerian preferential trade agreement ( see specimen)
      It concerns the goods directly traded between the two countries and meeting the agreed rules of origin under the preferential trade agreement signed in Tunis 4 December 2008 and entered into force on 1 March 2014.
      • Non-preferential certificate of origin issued by CACI.
        This certificate is only used to establish the origin of goods and do not give the right to preferential treatment.​

Practical arrangements to obtain the certificate of origin

Provide the form duly completed, signed and stamped by the exporter. An invoice export copy is required. For the first visa operation at CACI services, copies of trade register and fiscal identification number are required.

It should be noted that the various forms of certificates of origin referred to above are available at the CACI trade bookstore, and at the wilayas chambers of commerce and industry.


Charging conditions applied by CACI
kind of Certificate of OriginPrinted form priceVisa charges
EUR1DZD 200 incl. VAT 
Great Arab Free Trade AreaDZD 100 incl. VATDZD 500 incl. VAT
Algerian – TunisianDZDE 100 incl. VATDZD 500 incl. VAT
Form A (Generalized System of Preference)DZD 50 incl. VATDZD 500 incl. VAT

 NB: It is appropriate to provide stamp duty when payment is made in cash.



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