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Merchandise passport

The ATA carnet is a free of duties and taxes customs passage document, allowing temporary export of certain types of goods and equipment in 76 countries, for various purposes including: commercial samples, exhibiting in trade fairs and shows, cultural and sporting events and professional equipment, according to the 1961 Brussels Convention and the 1990 Istanbul Convention. The carnet replaces the reporting obligations when crossing every border and exempts from providing customs with a guarantee (bond or deposit) due to Customs for any export or temporary import.


It is a flexible document based on the goods travel organization (single round trip, circle or star trip with multiple successive entries and exits). It is presented in A4 paper format. It consists of a number of leaflets and inserts components corresponding to the successive border crossings.


The ATA Carnet is valid for a 12-month-period but the customs administration may limit this validity according to the intended use of the goods. At the end of this validity, the user must return the book to the issuing association, CACI in this case.


Procedure, bank guaranty and costs of issuance

ATA Carnets requests should be sent to Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - International Relations Department, Palais Consulaire, 6 Bd Amilcar Cabral – Place des Martyrs- -Algiers.



The ATA Carnet is available for sale at the CACI TradeBookstore. To be signed and approved by the issuing and guaranteeing association for Algeria: CACI, the ATA carnet shall be duly filled in by the user. The carnet holder must submit a duly signed undertaking (form provided) and a list of concerned goods.  

The holder is required to deposit a bank guarantee to 30% of the goods value (depending on destination and origin of the goods). This amount will be refunded once the book is cleared and returned, provided that it has been used with no anomaly.

N.B: The deposit of the bond is through the delivery of a certified cheque by the bank of the ATA carnet's holder to the order of "CACI".​

Documents to provide:

  • ATA Carnet duly filled and signed by the holder
  • The duly signed undertaking
  • A request to the CACI explaining the intended use of the carnet
  • List of goods on letterhead of the company
  • Trade Register and tax identification number copies
  • Declaration of the real value of the goods

ATA carnet issuance costs are calculated on basis of the goods value according to the formula: L

Pre-tax issuance costs = DZD15,000 + 1% of goods value ; (VAT =  19%)

Border-crossing formalities

Present the goods at customs offices on both side of crossed border. Have the ATA carnet counterfoil signed by customs, check the authentification stamp apposition. Make sure the corresponding section has been removed.

In case of litigation

Any book not cleared, incompletely cleared, cleared out of time, used on an unauthorized basis can give rise to litigation claim of the customs administrations of crossed  countries / territories : customs duties, taxes, penalties and fines, regularization taxes and management fees

  • To safeguard the concerned company interests, CACI may request any information or supporting documents to examine the dispute; 
  • The Carnet holder is liable for the amounts that the CACI, sponsoring agency, could be lead to pay for its account in regularizing the dispute;
  • The customs carnet holder must approach the Chamber of Commerce and Industry that issued this book. The latter will indicate the procedure to regularize the transactions with the concerned customs.

Note that:

  • Goods must not be hired, lent or used for payment.
  • Goods to be processed or repaired will not be covered by an ATA carnet
  • Goods or materials are required to return in the original condition​, identically, in the country of departure, without having undergone any processing;
  • ATA Carnets do not cover perishable or consumption goods.



Once established, the ATA customs carnet must be completed accurately by:

  • its user,
  • the issuing Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • subsequently, by the customs authorities.


The front cover

To be completed by the user

Box A : HOLDER AND ADDRESS: indicate the name and address of the company head office or the applicant's home address if not registered in the Trade Register

Box B : REPRESENTED BY: mention the name and address of the person entitled to submit articles or use the material. If other people have to use the book, they must be provided by the carnet holder with an established authority in their name.

Box C : INTENDED USE OF GOODS: specify as appropriate: commercial samples, fairs, exhibitions, professional equipment, demonstration, picture taking, competition

Signature of the holder:The signature, which must appear at the bottom on the right, is that of the head of the company (managing director, chairman of the Board or any other person specifically designated by the latter).

To be completed by CACI

The RESERVED FOR THE ISSUING ASSOCIATION sections: CACI will tick off countries / territories to which the goods are temporarily admitted and those through which they pass. The Chamber of Commerce will assign a number to book and sign it.

To be completed by the Algerian customs:

The CERTIFICATE OF CUSTOMS AUTHORITIES section is completed by the customs office when the book and the goods are presented, for management, before the leave on border


The back cover: General list

Example: Temporary export of 15 items for exhibition in a show. 





Trade description of the goods and, where appropriate, marks and numbers

Number of parts

Weight or volume



Reserved for customs












Article  reference 1


Article  reference 2


Article  reference 3


This list is close to 15 items for a total amount of DZD six million nine hundred thousand







300 kg


600 kg


200 kg

DZD 10.000.000


DZD 40.000.000


DZD 25.000.000







Total to be carried forward


1100 kg



COLUMN 1: Each item is assigned a serial number used by Customs to identify relevant articles during various operations. These numbers form an unbroken series in ascending numerical order. Goods of same nature and value can be grouped on the same line, provided that a sequence number is assigned to each of them.

  COLUMN 2: Items are designated by a commercial name​

  COLUMN 3: The total number of items listed must be the last of the sequence numbers listed in column 1.

  COLUMN 4: The net weight per item or group of items should be indicated

  COLUMN 5: The sum must correspond to the market pre-tax value (the price at which the goods would be made for export = transaction value) rounded up to the top or bottom (not cents)

  COLUMN 6:     indicate the origin of my goods



On the front

Frames A, B and C must be supplemented by the same information as on the front cover.

Frames E, D and F are used by the person presenting the goods to customs and sign the leaf (when passing the border only).

Frames G and F are respectively reserved to the issuing chamber of commerce and the customs authorities.

On the back

Fully replicate the list of goods as it is written on the upper part of the back cover.