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Seminary - workshop about : « ISO 9001 version 2015»




Seminary - workshop




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The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing, on september 29th and 30th, 2020, as part of its training seminar program for this last quadrimester, a first seminar on its e-learning platform, under the theme:  « ISO 9001 version 2015»

In order to achieve ISO certification, the process requires changes in the company, particularly in the management system.

The objective of this training is to identify the contributions of the ISO 9001 versions 2015 standard compared to its previous one in 2008, as well as to appropriate the requirements of the standard, based on several management principles.

For membership, please see the seminar's technical sheet and the details of participation.

The participation fees are fixed per person at 35 000 DA / TTC (check * / transfer *) and 35 350 DA / TTC (cash). * Checks payable to the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry / * Transfers to the BNA Bank Account 00100/599 0300 351 732 key 40.

Please confirm your participation by sending an order form by fax to: 023795043 or by Email: by 27th september 2020 at the latest.

​For further information, please contact: 0660849945 /0656402551

We also remind you that forward payments are not accepted.

The electronic registration link on the e-learning platform and the access codes will be sent to you by e-mail after confirmation of payment.