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Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

A seminar on “ The Public procurement Regulations Reform instituted by the Presidential decree N° 15/247 of September 16th 2015”


​​​​​The Algerian College of Business (ESAA) 






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The Public procurement regulations have just undergone an important reform through the presidential decree n°15-247 of September 16th, 2015.


This reform is based on several axes, among them : the relaxing of certain procedures of which  the application  raised bottlenecks, as well clearer distinction between the responsibilities and the attributions of the contracting parties and markets committees, also the institutionalization of the public services delegation contracts and the structuring of the procurement contracts field  by the creation of a regulation authority of procurement contracts.


It's in this context that the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes, on November 17th and 18th, 2015 from 08:30 am, a seminar  on: « The Public  procurement Regulations Reform    instituted by the  Presidential decree  N° 15/247 of September 16th 2015 », at the Algerian College of Business (ESAA) Mohammadia (pins maritimes) - Algiers.    


This seminar which will be conducted by two formative experts certified in the field of Public Procurements and  co-authors of the " Guide of Public Procurements  ", aims to allow the participants to know the novelties introduced by the recent regulation reform  of Public Procurements.


The expenses of participation, to settle in cash or by bank check denominated in the name of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or by bank transfer to the BNA account key N°00100 N°00100/599 0300 351 732 40 at least the day of the seminar- workshop, are fixed to 40 000 DA TTC by person (check) and 40400 DA TTC by person (cash), covering the documentation, Briefcase, the lunches and the coffee-breaks.


NB: the deferred payments are only accepted on submission of an order form and of the concerned company RIB number (BANK DETAILS)  .


The registrations are received at the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CACI, 06 Boulevard Amilcar Cabral, 16003 Place Martyrs - Algiers.


Phone: / Post office 160
Fax: 021 96.70.70 / / 021 43.70.74