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Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Referral to the Center

​​The referral to CACI’s Center for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (Le Centre) is made according to the following rules:
  • If the contract refers to the Center by an arbitration clause


The claiming party can file or send by registered letter, a request for arbitration to the Center's Secretariat at the following address:

Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Palais Consulaire, 6 Bd Amilcar Cabral.C.P.16003 Alger- BP.100 Alger 1er Novembre - Algéria.


The request for arbitration shall contain the following:


The parties

The applicant

  • Provide the company name ;
  • The name of its legal representative;
  • Headquarters;
  • accurate and comprehensive address;
  • Phone number, fax, e-mail.


The defendant
  • Provide the company name;
  • Accurate and comprehensive address.

Statement of facts

The claimant states in his request for arbitration an Abstract of the development of facts

The procedure

Arbitration clause or arbitration agreement 
The claimant resumes in the request for arbitration the arbitration clause previously set in the contract agreeing to entrust the dispute to the Center , according to its Arbitration Rules.

Appointment of the arbitrator
The parties are entitled to appoint their own arbitrator.
The arbitrator names and contact details must appear in the application.
A resume of the appointed arbitrator should also be attached to the application.

Request presentation

The parties should establish their claims and announce them in their requests for arbitration.
The request for arbitration must be submitted in one original to the Secretariat of the Center , one original for each party and as many copies as there are arbitrators (06 copies).


A DZD50,000 payment of file registration fee is required upon the filing of the request

  • If the contract does not refer to any Arbitration Center or the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or if there is no arbitration clause  

As the case may be and only with the consent of both parties, an arbitration agreement can then be signed to submit the dispute to arbitration.



Department of Economic Research and Legal Affairs (DEEAJ)

Secretariat of the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Center 

Phone: 021.77.77 / / Poste 158