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Turkish Health Regulations Concerning the Importation of Products of Animal or Plant Origin

Published on

7/25/2019 12:00 AM


The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry informs Algerian economic operators of the entry into force of a new Turkish regulation concerning the import of gelatin capsules, dedicated to wrapping food of animal or vegetable origin.

The regulations in force stipulate that in the case where the capsules are based on gelatin produced from tissues or bone from ruminants, with the exception of gelatin derived from leather and hides, the import of these capsules could only be authorized if a declaration by the competent authorities of the exporting country certifying that "the gelatin used in the product accompanied by the veterinary health certificate N ° ....... complies with the EC regulation n ° 999/2001.

​Thus, the Algerian exporters must submit, from June 15, 2019, when they export to Turkey, the declarations, herewith exemplary, provided by the competent authorities and by the manufacturers of the said gelatin capsules.