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Your Partner in the world of Business

Your Partner in the world of Business

Exportation of agricultural products to Vietnam

Published on

1/10/2022 12:00 AM

The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry informs the Algerian exporters interested in the Vietnamese markets that the examination of the forms developed by the Vietnamese authorities related to the procedure to be followed for the export of an agricultural product as follows :

  • Declaration of the product by the manufacturer in addition to the self-declaration of the said product;
  • Minutes of the audit for the certification of the product;
  • Registration of the product for inspection.

Also, in order to ensure easy access to agricultural products on Vietnamese territory and taking into account the requirements of the Vietnamese part, it is necessary to specify that this approach essentially revolves around :

  • The "Quality certification" of the product ensuring that the products exported offers irreproachable quality and job security.
  • The possession of certified units (ISO22000…)

Regarding  the phytosanitary aspect, the attribution of the certificate accompanying the merchandise, object of export, is done on the basis of the international standard for phytosanitary measures (ISPM12) attesting, therefore, that this merchandise is free from organisms of prohibited pests.​